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So... I've had a persistent headache for just over a month now. It causes mild nausea. All the time.

I've been to my GP and they sent me for a CT. This revealed that I'd had a bleed in my basal ganglia. It's not an ongoing bleed. The radiologist reports that this is unlikely to be the cause of the headache/nausea though. My GP has put me in the queue for a consult with a neurologist and this will likely result in an MRI.

But this is in the public health system so I'm looking at a few weeks wait. Until then... I have new drugs to manage the nausea and headache.

Star One

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Star One is the closest point in the Milky Way to the Andromeda Galaxy. After about 20 jumponium injected jumps I arrived late last night.

Wandering out into the black...

Given the state of humanity right now, it's hard to decide if I just keep going or turn back and continue the journey around the rim.

Brian Tamaki: Cult leader, enormous ego, potential killer

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New Zealand has had an awesome track record with our handling of Covid. But some people are just too selfish and appear to have no consequences to their actions. It is looking like there may be some consequences for Brian Tamaki though.

On the slight chance that a petition can sway this process I would like to encourage people to add their name to this one.


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I really like Drupal. It is fun to work with, technically stimulating, and the rewrite that was Drupal 8 allowed me to bring my PHP skills screaming and kicking into the modern era. This was my greatest fear and the the thing I was most looking forward to. I'd gotten to the point where I didn't really consider myself a PHP dev any more. I was a Drupal dev. Drupal 8 made me a PHP dev once again. PHP still has it's issues, but it is so much more than it was back in the early days.

Yeah, but will Trump get what's coming to him?

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I just watched the AP reporting on Georgia flip from red to blue. The trend for the entire day has been heading in that direction and I see no reason for it to not continue in that vein given the nature of what is being counted. All that happens now is the reinforcement of Bidens hold on that state. Biden has had Nevada for some time and the hold there is getting better. Neither of these states have been called yet. If they are though, that will be an extra 22 electoral college votes taking Biden to 286. Sixteen more than he needs.

Reusable content in Paragraphs

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While it's not possible to reuse paragraphs you can create a paragraph type that mimics this behaviour.

Prep reusable content.

  1. Create your various Custom Block Types at Administration > Structure > Block layout > Custom block library. This should already have a Basic block.
  2. Create your reusable content using these block types at Administration > Structure > Block layout. Click Add custom block, select the Block type you want, fill in the content for it.

Add a Block Paragraph Type.