Homeopathy raises funds proportional to the evidence for it

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In a world where a tiny vinyl toy can raise $6,465,690 in funds I find it just a little reassuring that someone UC Berkeley’s alumni magazine described as “a leading homeopath” and a prime mover and spokesperson for homeopathy in the United States today is able to raise so little interest from the homeopathy community and industry.

Colonia, via the Bubble

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So, I'm back in the Bubble. Uncle Ed has been retrofitted for hauling and I have 255 units of Galactic Travel Guides on board.

Thanks to CMDR Frank Zetta and CMDR CombatSpace for taking on loading duties.  Much appreciated. It'd have been a very long load time without your help.

Tomorrow I'll be pointing my nose towards Colonia and heading out into the black.

The Formidine Rift and Browncoats in Colonia

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I've made it to the Formidine Rift location at Eafots LZ-H b10-0 and found an unofficial comms beacon. Scanning it doesn't reveal any extra information though. I've not finished scanning the entire system yet. Hopefully there's more to find.

Supercruising to the Crab Pulsar

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I'm currently in Crab Sector IH-V C2-4 and I've just finished surface scanning everything out here within the Crab Nebula and was going to head to the Crab Pulsar next to supercharge the FSD. I went to sort out some other targets for the 3303 tour and lost myself in the Galaxy Map for a few hours. I dropped out of the Galaxy Map and saw I was now 0.54Ly from the system I was in. I've decided to see if I can supercruise to the Crab Pulsar.

Elite Dangerous on a Raspberry Pi?

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I've been thinking about this for a while now. Elite Dangerous is a really nice graphical front end on top of the background simulation. The specs required to run the game are reasonable by today's standards but there's no good reason that they couldn't be much, much lighter.

Elite, in 1984, was a 3D wireframe game running on a procedurally generated galaxy and it ran on a tiny fraction of the resources we have available today. I'm seeing no good reason that it couldn't still do that.

VK's Comedy Club

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Tomorrow is the final night, well the final Wednesday night, for VK's. I'm not really one for going out that much but I do enjoy VK's when I do get out.

I'll be heading there tomorrow. Will aim to get there around 7 should anyone care to join me.

Another new beginning...

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So, I've had the domain from.nz for some time and I've finally found the time to sit down and do something with it. This site is primarily going to be a blog and experimental playground for using Drupal 8.

It's not fair...

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Just heard that a friend from Christchurch died yesterday.

His battle is done. You'll be missed Julian.

I'll need to get cut.

Losing myself in 3303 :: California Nebula

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On the final few hours of 2016 I finished modding the FSD on a brand new Anaconda. In the first hour of 3303 I pointed the bow at the California Nebula and left the Bubble. I've had enough. Last year was the worst. I'm taking a year off and heading out into the Black. There are some awesome sights to be seen out there and I'm going to go and take a look. The Messier Catalogue that is located inside the galaxy is on the bucket list too.