The ongoing engineering of Uncle Ed

Submitted by Unifex on

I made it back to the Bubble and have started the never ending engineering of the Uncle Ed.

All the things that can be stripped down have been stripped down. All the things that can be modified to be as lightweight as possible have been engineered to hell and back to that end. I'm still currently getting a little more than 50 Ly. It's a good improvement on what I had, but it's not as far as other reports I've seen.

I'm suspecting I can improve on this by compromising other roles I want to be able to perform while exploring. I could lose the Limpet Controllers. But Fuel Transfer and Repair functionality are things I want to keep for potential Fuel Rat activities.

I could lose the Hangars. But canyon flying and planetary exploration are a welcome change of pace when you've been out in the Black for months on end.

I suspect the next thing will be min/maxing the other modules. I have way more power than I need. I could swap out the power plant for a smaller one. I could do better power management as well. Currently I fly with all systems enabled. I don't need that. The automated field maintenance unit only needs to be on when in use. Same goes for the Hangers. I could swap out these things with the shields and thrusters. When the AFMU is used I'm either on a planet or in normal space. Thrusters and shields aren't needed. Same goes for the planetary vehicle hangar. Thrusters and Shields will still be needed when the fighter bay is in use though. The Detailed Surface Scanner and Guardian FSD Booster wouldn't be needed though.

This may work out...

Other things on the @TODO list;

  • Add a Fer-De-Lance to the fleet for combat purposes in Browncoat Uprising systems.
  • Add a Type-10 Defender to the fleet as a mobile refinery/defence platform for Wing based mining.