The Formidine Rift and Browncoats in Colonia

Submitted by Unifex on Fri, 01/20/2017 - 06:02

I've made it to the Formidine Rift location at Eafots LZ-H b10-0 and found an unofficial comms beacon. Scanning it doesn't reveal any extra information though. I've not finished scanning the entire system yet. Hopefully there's more to find.

On another front the Browncoats are now a faction that you register for on the Colonia Expansion Initiative. You can apply now for a migration visa. The Browncoat Uprising looks to be getting behind the move too. Many of us have already signed up and have started gearing up to haul cargo for the Browncoats. While the Browncoats will be a new faction in-game they will be part of the Browncoat Uprising on Discord and Inara. The requirement for the new Faction name is something FD are requiring.

So, it looks like my time in the Black may be being cut short too early. I'll be heading back to the Bubble and, likely, kitting out a Type-9 to assist with the migration efforts. The initiative works in one month cycles so I'll be passing through the Bubble a couple of times.