Another new beginning...

Submitted by Unifex on Thu, 01/05/2017 - 07:07

So, I've had the domain for some time and I've finally found the time to sit down and do something with it. This site is primarily going to be a blog and experimental playground for using Drupal 8.

Things at work are slowly heading towards Drupal 8 being the default starting point but I'm finding it a little slow for my liking. One of the drawbacks of having a decent number of regular clients I guess. So I'm diving in here with a reboot of a personal site of my own.

I'm looking at using this site for a few main things to start with;

  1. Get back into blogging
  2. Experiment with themes (main interest is Material)
  3. Experiment with social networks and account management in D8.
    1. It's be nice to be able to have people arrive and comment with a social network based account creation in the background. I suspect this is already doable, but I still need to figure out how it's done.
  4. Get up to speed on migration of content into D8 from external sources
    1. My old LJ
    2. The old freelancing blog (evolved)
    3. The skepticism blog (NZ SitP)
    4. The walk (Intentionally Homeless)

Once I've managed to import all that I'll look at revamping the old sites but set them up as agregators that take a feed from here and selectively import their content based on tags on the local posts.

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