NZ Govt job cuts at the MoH

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The current NZ Govt has a requirement to fund their tax cuts for landlords. To do that they need to cut spending. One of the ways they think they're doing this is by "cutting the bureaucracy" and this is supposedly achieved by cutting front line staff.

We've just heard that the Ministry of Health is looking at losing about 134 "crucial" positions. I know people in that area. They can't afford to lose those bodies. People are already overworked and the workload isn't going to decrease just because there's fewer people to do the work.

More than a quarter of all positions could be directly affected.

There was a suggestion that the Suicide Prevention Office may close over this. I'm pleased to say that Matt Doocey, Minister for Mental Health, has come out and stated that this is not a thing that will happen.

...Doocey told 1News this evening he was "disappointed" by the PSA's statement, which he called "misleading".

"The closure of the Suicide Prevention Office has not been raised with me and I have spoken with the Director-General of Health to make my expectations clear that the office will remain open and that the suicide prevention work programme will continue.

Minister for Mental Health Matt Doocey