Chan/Daysh fail at public relations

Submitted by Unifex on Thu, 02/21/2019 - 22:23

This morning a hand written note was posted next to the trespass notice in the door at 178 Victoria Street. What Julia-anne Daysh and Cho Yam Chan don't see to understand is that the damage was already done. They had illegally evicted their tenants. They had killed a local business. They had screwed over Anton and Nina, the other staff, local artists and local breweries.

This would not have been needed it they were reasonable people to start with.

The commentary on social media around this was commenting on the stupid, childish and malicious manner in which Daysh and Chan had comported themselves during this event. Illegally posting the trespass notice. Refusing to give access to retrieve property for weeks. Screwing everyone around with regards to the date access was granted. Screwing everyone around on the day when access was finally arranged.

If there was any honesty in the hand written note on the door it wouldn't have been needed at all. They would have given immediate access to Anton and Nina for as long as was reasonably required to remove their business from the venue. But they didn't do that.

Cho Yam Chan, Julie-anne Daysh and their business entities have demonstrated themselves to be untrustworthy landlords and generally horrible people. If you are reading this because you searched for their names because you are looking at a property of theirs then I strongly recommend against it for your own well being. And if you decide to go ahead and rent from them anyway then I hope you have deep pockets and friendly lawyers.