Catalyst IT

Catathon 2018

Submitted by Unifex on Fri, 07/27/2018 - 08:32

I work for Catalyst IT. A company that has built its reputation on Free/Libre Open Source Software.

Today is the second Catathon. A day where everyone, company wide, gets to take a day off at work and do anything they like. Literally anything.

ValueFromCsv migration process plugin

Submitted by Unifex on Tue, 06/19/2018 - 09:13
I had a Drupal 8 migration where there was some data that was available, but not available from the source DB. However, I was able to get this data in a separate CSV file and a value in the source db was available in this CSV file also. So I had a way around the issue.

SkipOn404 migration process plugin

Submitted by Unifex on Tue, 05/29/2018 - 10:40
This process plugin was created due to a dodgy source repository.  Not all the files were available and the default file_copy plugin would crash and burn if the source was not there.  This plugin can be used in the process section of a Drupal 8 migration like this;